I never thought I’d say I was glad to be in stinky Bangkok, but after just over a week in Cambodia I was delighted to be back. The journey out of the country was unsurprisingly not as advertised. Highway 6 isn’t in fact tarmac’d, and after three hours of bumping along a dirt track the, Read More

If anyone asked me which bit of the trip was going to the be the scariest, I always answered Vietnam. My only knowledge of the country was what I’d seen on telly. Everything was living up to expectations as the plane landed and taxi’d to the terminal building. The runway is surrounded by rice, Read More

On the subject of bus journeys from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the Lonely Planet book says to go on the local bus for the twelve hour overnight journey because it’s more “cultural”. Dez said “B****cks to that!  If I wanted “cultural” I’d go back to India.  I want air conditioning and reclining seats!”. So, Read More

We were quite scared about Dehli. Loads of people had told us how horrible it was, and how we’d want to leave as soon as we got there. Well, we did want to leave. But that’s mostly because any time spent travelling in India is hard work, and we were a bit India’d out.

We thought the journey into Nepal was an epic one. How little we knew! The trip out of Nepal, back into India and onto Varanassi was meant to take around sixteen hours. It actually took ten minutes short of twenty four hours.

We have arrived in Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) on the first day of our year long round-the-world backpacking adventure!  It’s quite a culture shock and we are currently wondering what the hell possessed two inexperienced backpackers from the UK to choose Calcutta as their first destination.  What the hell were we thinking?? Indian, Read More