If you are planning a Borneo adventure, a Kinabatangan river tour in this unique wildlife sanctuary is a must.  And one of the cheaper ways to get on the river (if you are on a bit of a budget) is with Mr. Aji Expeditions. Of all the crazy things we’ve done, drifting down the, Read More

‘The bloody mothers’ visit didn’t get off to a great start, as flight delays seemed to be conspiring against them making their connection in Heathrow and Songkran forced a rapid and pricy change in Bangkok hotels whilst they were flying somewhere over Eastern Europe. But with nearly a century and a half’s worth of, Read More

Elephant Nature Park is a home to animals (dogs, cats, elephants etc.). Lek founded it in 1996. She rescued her first elephant in 1992. They have saved sixty-six elephants, and four elephants have been born in the park.

Before we go any further, I have to say that I haven’t found travelling in Sri Lanka to be the most rewarding experience of the trip. I’ve found it lacking in culture, history and identity, and the food is generally rubbish. I think that the whole country is overly expensive, and that it has all, Read More

India is a country of highs and lows.   You’ll love it, hate it, or sometimes both at the same time.  I’ve backpacked through India several times, with Floss and with the kids, and I’ve worked there too, but this time was different.  We’ve been to Agra, Delhi, Varanassi and Jaipur.  All awesome in their, Read More

On the way down to the coast from Ella, we checked into a dodgy hotel and jumped on a safari jeep. One of those types of jeeps that make eight and ten year old boys jump up and down with glee. A big truck with seven seats and a series of roll bars bolted, Read More

  The local bus from Kochi was awesome as usual. Love local Indian buses. We were on this particular one for five hours and watched the city of Kochi whizz by, before climbing into the hills of the Western Ghats. Higher and higher meant cooler and cooler, a welcome change from sweaty, humid Kochi., Read More

Thailand tuk tuk

“Well, this is a very inefficient way to show the boys the world.” It was Wednesday 16th April 2014 and were nearing the end of a twenty-seven hour journey home to the UK from Koh Lanta in Thailand.  A journey that would require 3 taxi rides 2 ferries 2 flights 8 hours hanging around, Read More

On the subject of bus journeys from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the Lonely Planet book says to go on the local bus for the twelve hour overnight journey because it’s more “cultural”. Dez said “B****cks to that!  If I wanted “cultural” I’d go back to India.  I want air conditioning and reclining seats!”. So, Read More