traditional fishing boat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan fishermen traditionally use Oruwa fishing boats, high-sided wooden canoes with outriggers and a square sail.  These are still used today as some of the shrimp fishing grounds around Negumbo are still reserved for traditional sailing boats only.   The sail is used to pull a shrimp net over the fishing grounds. During, Read More

A Smug Monday post by Evan (aged 9) Today’s Smug Monday was started on a Sunday when we went to Negombo in Sri Lanka.  We found our hotel and then drove in our car (dirty Fenny) to the beach.  I can only say one thing about the beach, it was crowded.  I know why, Read More

Before we go any further, I have to say that I haven’t found travelling in Sri Lanka to be the most rewarding experience of the trip. I’ve found it lacking in culture, history and identity, and the food is generally rubbish. I think that the whole country is overly expensive, and that it has all, Read More

This Monday me and my mum went diving at the top of the rock in Welligama Bay, Sri Lanka. It was my first open water dive so we hopped on a boat and drove out to the top of the rock.

Today we woke up at 6:00am  We had thirty minutes to get ready for whale watching.  When we were ready we huddled into a tuk tuk and set of on our adventure.  It took about five minutes to get to the harbour.  We found our boat and jumped aboard, then we waited a WHOLE, Read More

On the way down to the coast from Ella, we checked into a dodgy hotel and jumped on a safari jeep. One of those types of jeeps that make eight and ten year old boys jump up and down with glee. A big truck with seven seats and a series of roll bars bolted, Read More