Family travel in India

We love Asia and so do our kids.  Asia is different to our home in the UK.  The culture, the food, the people, the transport, the climate, the language.  So much for your kids to learn and experience.  Travelling or holidaying in Asia with kids is a fantastic adventure, one that will stay with them, Read More

Zebra Rock Mine tour

Zebra Rock Mine and Campground is a fantastic family owned campsite, run by Australians Kim and Ruth with their daughter Opal.  It’s the only place in the world that you can see the unique 1.3 billion year old zebra rock in the ground, and the only working zebra rock mine.  Only a couple of, Read More

Whether we were driving in Bruce or tramping through the outback, we got to have a pretty good look around the Kimberly. But it’s always good to get a different perspective on a place and, as budgetary concerns had been left in Asia, we grabbed the opportunities presented to try something new. Horses and, Read More

Magic light at Windjana Gorge

Three hundred and eighty million years ago, in the Devonian period, Australia was busy building it’s first barrier reef.  But this was over in the Northwest of the country, not on the east coast. At the time, the seabed was falling away and the sea was getting deeper, but at a rate that was, Read More

After the isolation of our time at Charnley River Station, we headed off to explore some of the more popular places on the Gibb River Road. Having been greeted by the very enthusiastic Barry and Jeanette, I was somewhat disappointed with how tightly we had to squeeze Bruce into the Silent Grove campsite. But, Read More

After ten full on days and well over 2000 km in Tarquin, our hired luxury motorhome, we were relieved to get to Cairns for a good wash and a bit of a rest. We had no real plans, but knew that we couldn’t leave without getting the kids out onto the Great Barrier Reef, Read More

Australia is enormous.  Not just big. But off the scale huge. I’ve always thought that it’s quite a long way to Nanna’s house in North Wales from our house near Portsmouth on the south coast of England.  But Australians would consider driving that distance to get to the shops. We’d landed on the biggest, Read More