About Us

Hello!  We are Floss, Dez, Sam (aged 17) and Evan (aged 15).  This is the story of our travels and adventures around the world, over land and sea with our kids. 

The boys were 8 and 10 years old, we left our jobs and schools, rented out our house and spent a year backpacking around Asia and Australia.  We loved it and didn’t want the adventure to end.  

So in July 2017, we bought a sailing boat and called her Fat Susan.  We couldn’t sail.  We knew nothing about sailing boats.  We had no idea how to fix up a boat to live and travel on.  After an intense year of learning and fixing, we sailed out of Portsmouth, UK, on our new home, bound for the Caribbean and more adventures.  Almost four years later, we have explored 22 countries in three different continents by sea on Fat Susan.  We spent a year or so exploring French Polynesia during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now we are in New Zealand.

For the full story of how our travel and sailing adventures started, click here.

I’ll be honest, we’ve written very little on this blog about our sailing around the world adventure.  We’re just too busy having fun, and internet access is hard to come by when you travel to remote locations on a boat. Lots of the content here is about our backpacking adventures and written for our family and friends.  Feel free to browse.  We hope that it inspires others to step out of their comfort zones and show their kids the world, in any way they can.

For up to date info and stories about Fat Susan, follow our Facebook or Instagram pages. We’re on YouTube as ‘Growing a Pair on Fat Susan’, although we’re almost a year behind with our sailing videos.

Welcome to our Growing a Pair travel blog!

Fat Susan Crew