Family travel in India

We love Asia and so do our kids.  Asia is different to our home in the UK.  The culture, the food, the people, the transport, the climate, the language.  So much for your kids to learn and experience.  Travelling or holidaying in Asia with kids is a fantastic adventure, one that will stay with them, Read More

This weekend we have been rafting on the seti river. At first we only wanted gentle water but at the end we were yelling, at the top of our lungs, for more meter-high waves. We were in a rafting group of nine people.  There were two rafts and we us four were in one, Read More

  I’m struggling with where to start with this post. There are so many things, opinions and stories to tell that it’s difficult to know where to begin. I don’t want to write a diary type post, where I just catalogue what happened on each day, as that would have to be about 10,000, Read More

We’ve pretty much based the dates for the whole year’s adventure with the kids around the trekking seasons in Nepal, so, you can imagine the levels of excitement as we piled into our massively overpriced jeep (there’s a fuel shortage you know, and getting hold of petrol is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive) and, Read More

Today Evan got bitten by a leech.  A fly landed on his boot, he looked down and a leech was climbing out of his boot.  There was blood tricking down his foot!  We were in Kinche on the way to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal when this one happened but it had happened before, Read More

  Today me and my dad went to Poon Hill (Spoon Hill as I call it).  I got woken up at four o ‘clock in the morning.  Then I was forced to put on my clothes (all of the clothes I owned), it was NOBLIN!!!  Plus, to add to this it was pitch black., Read More

Today we finished our volunteering.  The family said goodbye by blessing us with tika and a marigold.  This is an ancient, hindu ritual.

Today is my dad’s birthday! We made my dad a mind numbingly awesome card. The card made my dad cry! On the front it had huge green mountains and an EPIC sunset. It was drawn as if you were flying on the back of an eagle, looking over the Kathmandu valley. We both wrote, Read More

  This is our first Smug Monday Adventure.  Today has been a two adventure day. Adventure one – Garden of Dreams Adventure two – Broken Bouddhanath Temple

It turns out that it’s a very long way from Portsmouth to Kathmandu.  The flights were long but we arrived, safe and sound, a bit smelly and on schedule.  Visa faff provided an interesting distraction.  Evan wasn’t too happy at being described as the ‘small baby” but him being under ten saved us a, Read More