I think we probably got four hours sleep or so in the noisy Laban Rata hostel, more for the boys. Dez’s Man-flu was still refusing to leave.  He had spent another night shivering and sweating at the same time, and was feeling sick and exhausted as we left our room at 2am. The dining, Read More

Everything I read about climbing Mount Kinabalu said it was hard. Really hard. Even the Book of Opinion (our Lonely Planet Guide Book) includes an amusing section about the pain, physical and emotional, you go through during the climb. The internet told me that people from the age of seven to eighty years have, Read More

It turns out that it’s a very long way from Portsmouth to Kathmandu.  The flights were long but we arrived, safe and sound, a bit smelly and on schedule.  Visa faff provided an interesting distraction.  Evan wasn’t too happy at being described as the ‘small baby” but him being under ten saved us a, Read More