Jungle Night Walk with Critters and Beasties, Malaysian Borneo

During our Kinabatangan River expedition, we went for a night time adventure into the jungle.  We limbo’d under the electrified elephant fence and followed a man with a machete into the dark.  Well, why wouldn’t you??

These are some of the photos taken by our fellow adventurer Alex.  

Alex also went on the walk on the second night.  We skipped this one.  The boys were tired and we were wearing our only dry clothes.  And I’m pleased we did.  On the second night, the elephants were close and very loud and they had to actually run out of the jungle.  Exciting and terrifying!  They did see an awesome snake though!

Borneo preying mantis Kinabatangan Malaysia
Night frog in the jungles of Borneo
Leaf insect Borneo jungle
Beetle in the jungle ant night, Kinabatangan Borneo
Moths in the Borneo jungle
Borneo moth in the jungle at night

Spider Borneo jungle night walk

Borneo night walk insect

Gian Stick Insect Kinabatangan night walk jungle

Leaf insect hiding in the jungle Borneo

Borneo lizard at night in the jungle

Insects night trek Kinabatangan Borneo

Colourful moth in the jungle, Borneo

Trekking through the jungle at night, Borneo

Civit cat in the jungle at night, Borneo

Sleeping rodent in the jungle, Borneo

A civit cat up a tree in the Borneo jungle

Mr Aji on a night walk, Kinabatangan safari

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