Traditional sailing boat adventure, Sri Lanka – Smug Monday 11

A Smug Monday post by Evan (aged 9)

Today’s Smug Monday was started on a Sunday when we went to Negombo in Sri Lanka.  We found our hotel and then drove in our car (dirty Fenny) to the beach.  I can only say one thing about the beach, it was crowded.  I know why so many tuk tuks have boom boxes in their boot, so they can take up a circle that could easily have fitted five more Fennys in.

The beach was so busy because of new year celebrations.  They were just finishing and every one was going to school and work the next day.  There were people in the metre high waves, boats ramming into the shore every 30 seconds and loads of stalls selling  deep fried food.

It was a total nightmare getting out of the car park.  A car cornered us and said “you go, I not” and then one of the food sellers wanted to come home with us.  In this process we booked a trip on a traditional sailing boat.  It had a lush brown sail, thin body and a place to sit on the starboard outrigger.

The next morning we drove back to the beach for our Monday adventure.  When we arived at nine o‘clock the beach was empty and covered in rubbish from the night before. The crew were getting the boat ready for departure.  We put on life jackets that were 70 million sizes too big.

The boat was really heavy but when we got it into the surf it got a bit lighter.  We clambered on board and sat on a special platform on the outrigger.  Once we got out of the surf, I was surprised how many boats were out.  We sailed on for thirty minutes until the captain yelled “habewalawalawalawalawala” and we found out that our boat was reversible.

We laughed when Sam wobbled across the outrigger holding onto a slack rope for support.  Toward the end I bounded across the outrigger.  I was riding (or surfing) on the outrigger.  It kept on tilting under and popping up again.  When we hit the shore I was still on the outrigger and the log I was sitting on lurched up.  Then we jumped off (well I did) and pushed the heavy sailing boat up the shore.  It was AMAZING!!! to be on the boat and to see how to sail.

Click here for a cheesy video of our Sri Lankan traditional sailing boat adventures.


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  1. Well done Evan, what a great adventure, and what a great blog, the see looks an amazing blue, lots of love, Granola, xxxx

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