Elephant Nature Park Adventures, Thailand – The Smug Monday Series Ep. 18

Elephant Nature Park is a home to animals (dogs, cats, elephants etc.). Lek founded it in 1996. She rescued her first elephant in 1992. They have saved sixty-six elephants, and four elephants have been born in the park. They were saved from circuses, logging, trekking and begging. They were injured by abuse and accidents. Some had broken legs from being whacked by huge logs. One elephant had stepped on a land mine and its foot had been blown off. Lots of elephants were blind from camera flashes and spotlights, also from being poked in the eye with sharp sticks while being trained by cruelty. One had no tail!  Another had a broken hip from a car crash. Some were so old that they had no teeth. We don’t ride elephants because the mahouts stab the elephants with nails to get the thick tourists to ride on the intellegent elephants’ aged backs.

We fed, walked, admired and made food for the elephants. We also bathed the elephants. We walked rescued dogs. Mine was called Shaggy. There were paralized dogs there as well. My dad’s favourite place was Cat Kingdom. They had buffalos and the rescue dogs would try and herd them, don’t you worry your cotton socks, no damage was done. They were frankly big enough to ride.

I liked our stay from bus journey to bus journey. I think Elephant Nature Park is brilliant at educating humans not to ride the big beasts. The park is amazing at giving an elephant a better life.

4 Comments on “Elephant Nature Park Adventures, Thailand – The Smug Monday Series Ep. 18

  1. Hey, just read this article….we are Shaggy’s owners!!!!

    He’s been with us since March-17 and we live in Bangkok.

    Cheers, Machar

    • Hi Machar! This is fantastic! Shaggy was such a lovely dog. Evan fell in love with him. He loved walking the dogs. Elephant Nature Park does such a fantastic job rehoming them. Congratulations on giving Shaggy a home. Well done!

      • If you want, happy to send you some pics.

        Fortunately we’re also in touch with the adoptive parents of Carlee (now Yindi), Coolio (now Walter), Tess (still Tess!) and Mum Riha!

        Yindi is in Hamburg, Walter in Boston, Tess in Edinburgh and Riha in California. Talk about an international family eh! 🙂

        I think I see Carlee/Yindi in one of the photos above?

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