We’ve pretty much based the dates for the whole year’s adventure with the kids around the trekking seasons in Nepal, so, you can imagine the levels of excitement as we piled into our massively overpriced jeep (there’s a fuel shortage you know, and getting hold of petrol is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive) and, Read More

  This is our first Smug Monday Adventure.  Today has been a two adventure day. Adventure one – Garden of Dreams Adventure two – Broken Bouddhanath Temple

This is all pretty weird Today is my first day of proper unemployment, ever.  And I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my two young sons, trying to motivate them to describe how they’re feeling at the thought of leaving their home in the UK for a year.  Rather than just give them a, Read More

Thailand tuk tuk

“Well, this is a very inefficient way to show the boys the world.” It was Wednesday 16th April 2014 and were nearing the end of a twenty-seven hour journey home to the UK from Koh Lanta in Thailand.  A journey that would require 3 taxi rides 2 ferries 2 flights 8 hours hanging around, Read More


What?? Are you mad?? Of course we didn’t get to Everest Base Camp!! Have you any idea how unfit we are?? We booked return flights from Kathmandu to Lukla the night before our rafting trip to the Bote Kose river, after several pints of San Miguel in the Rum Doodle bar. Bit of a, Read More