HAHA! It’s me. You may have been expecting Sam but no, I, the far superior sibling, am here to tell you my tale of 2020. So sit back, relax, and keep on reading my review of our year sailing and travelling on our boat Fat Susan, because you have nothing better to do with your life. Read More

As you may have heard, there is a deadly disease going around the world called COVID-19, caused by a new Coronavirus.  It would appear that most sensible people are self isolating to try and reduce the number of deaths, which is a good thing. My family and I, on the other hand, are already pretty well isolated as we live on a boat. If you don’t already know why we live on a boat, here’s the short version. A few years ago we finished our year backpacking trip around Asia and started looking for our next adventure. The best answer we found was a boat. So here we are. Read More

My name is Sam, I’m 14 and I live on a sailing boat called Fat Susan.  I’ve lived on Fat Susan for over a year now and it seems time to recap everything my family and I have done in 2019.  Read More

Many people dream of sailing away and living on a boat in faraway tropical destinations with tall palm trees and white sand beaches, swimming in crystal clear, turquoise seas surrounded by turtles and dolphins, and drinking copious amounts of rum while watching the sun set below the horizon.  But what is it really like to live on a boat full time?  What are the pros and cons of liveaboard life at anchor?  How does living on a boat differ from living in a house on land?  Cooking, washing, laundry, sleeping, getting around?   What do the kids think about doing chores on a boat? Read More

In 2018, my mad family and I set off around the world on a 43 and a half foot sailing boat. Most of a year later, we hauled the boat out of the water on a little island in the southern Caribbean called Curaçao and took a break from sailing to go on a road trip across the USA. This holiday from our holiday took us to the strangest country I have ever visited – The United States of America. Read More

It’s three weeks to the hour that we shut the door on our ‘normal’ life, loaded the taxi with a 100kg of stuff we should have put onto Fat Susan back in August and embarked upon our third trip of a lifetime. I’m currently sat in Susan’s cockpit, drinking coffee and watching the sun come up over the breakwater in Las Palmas Marina, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. The marina is just starting to come alive, unlike the crew who are all still fast asleep, and it seemed a perfect time to both look back and look forward.

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