We love Asia and so do our kids.  Asia is different to our home in the UK.  The culture, the food, the people, the transport, the climate, the language.  So much for your kids to learn and experience.  Travelling or holidaying in Asia with kids is a fantastic adventure, one that will stay with them for a long time, no matter what their age.  

Since we returned from our year-long backpacking adventure around Asia with our children, the question that we’re asked the most has to be “Where was your favourite place?”.  It’s a tricky question with no right answer.  It depends on you.  It depends on your family and your kids.  It depends on what sort of travelling you like, what sort of adventures you are looking for as a family.   

If this is your first travel adventure in this part of the world with your kids, this is our list of top travel destinations in Asia with kids.   Read More

After backpacking around the world, both with and without our kids, we’re pretty good at knowing what travel gear works in our backpacks, and what doesn’t.  We have our favourite travel accessories that are invaluable to us while on the road.  Some of them save space, some of them protect stuff, some of them organise stuff and some of them stop the kids getting bored and therefore annoying.  Can our favourite backpacking travel gear really turn into must have boat gadgets for our sailing trip around the world?   Read More

Buying your first boat is a crazy, terrifying, exciting, frustrating and above all, expensive business.  Buying a used sailing boat is even worse.  There are so many traps to fall into, so many untruths to uncover, so many complicated procedures to follow.  We’ve just about managed to stumble our way through to boat ownership.  It’s the first step in our plan to sail around the world with our kids, and it has been an exhausting process.  Looking back, we’ve made lots of boat buying mistakes, but here are the details of the biggest ones.  Hopefully you can avoid making the same ones.  Read More

A whole two months have passed since we purchased our 1990 Oyster 435 sailing boat.  And what a two months it has been!  Our slightly naive plan was to buy our perfect boat at the start of the UK sailing season and be sailing confidently around the Solent by the end of said season, having fixed everything that needed fixing, and looking forward to another season of gaining experience and making our boat into a home we can live in. 

This hasn’t gone quite to plan. Read More

We’re buying a sailing boat.  This is an important part of our ‘sailing round the world with kids’ plan.  We have a couple of inflatable kayaks but I just don’t fancy circumnavigating in those.  We’ll need to buy a proper offshore sailing yacht for our family sailing adventure!

Choosing a liveaboard sailing boat for a family of four isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Especially when you are a sailing novice and boat buying numpty.  This is a quick idiot’s guide to how we narrowed down our search and bought a family sailboat.  If you’re thinking of buying a sailing yacht for your family, read on…

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Someone famous once said that all great journeys start with a single step.  If that’s the case, then the delayed 06:50 to London would appear to be the step that sets us off on the path to starting our sailing adventure.  It’s a beautiful fresh and crisp spring morning, exactly the sort that I’m looking forward to savouring with a cup of coffee from the back, sorry, stern of our boat as the sun comes up over the horizon and wraps me in its warm glow.   Read More

We’ve been joking about buying a boat, filling it fun of gin and sailing around the world for years, even before our kids were born. It was such a ridiculous dream that neither of us actually meant it. So guess what we’re going to do next…..  We don’t have a boat and we don’t know how to sail but our family sailing adventure is turning from a dream into a plan!   Read More

There are a few awesome adventures to be had when visiting Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, and jungle kayaking in Kuching is one of them.  It’s a full-on day trip from the city that gets you out into the jungle.  You can find a video of our day on the water below.

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