Volunteering. Tinpipli, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – The Smug Monday Series, Ep.2

Today is my dad’s birthday! We made my dad a mind numbingly awesome card. The card made my dad cry! On the front it had huge green mountains and an EPIC sunset. It was drawn as if you were flying on the back of an eagle, looking over the Kathmandu valley. We both wrote messages and Evan drew a picture of an ape inside to play spot the difference with my dad.


Today was our first day teaching. We thought we were going to teach 3 to 5 year olds, but instead we got 6 to 14 year olds. Sadly, we only had games for 3 to 5 year olds. The reason for this is because today was a holiday. However, tomorrow we will hopefully be teaching 3 to 5 year olds, fingers crossed!


It started with us showing the class the map of the world.  We showed them where England and Nepal were. Then we showed them our route around the world for travelling. We then showed a map of England with Hadrian’s wall. Then we got them to draw the Union Jack, the Nepalese flag, and the Welsh Dragon.

Colouring Welsh flags Drawing School Harley Map time

After playing balloon games, reading stories and playing “Simon Says”, we inspected the classrooms. The classroom we were teaching in was an empty room, but was better than the other classrooms. One had a bird’s nest in the corner, and none had any books. The wall are just bricks. So we decided to head home and have a drink of chiya (Nepali tea).

We enjoyed our day and learned a lot about how well our teaching equipment at home works, and that Nepalese people are shorter than English people.

3 Comments on “Volunteering. Tinpipli, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – The Smug Monday Series, Ep.2

  1. Loved reading all about u guys teaching stuff. It’s sounds amazing. I think you should teach them how to dance to “I’m sexy and I know it” I think that’ll go down a treat.
    Staunton country park do sell pygmy goats by the way. Would we prefer male or female??
    Love u guys. X

  2. Evan was right for once in that coment!!! It is a historic moment in his life!!?? from the Sam !!d:)

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