Day five of our whirlwind tour of Rajasthan in a car saw us in Jodhpur and the ‘Blue City’ has turned out to be one of our favourites. We stayed at K.P. Haveli Hotel for two nights, recommended by our Lonely Planet guide book no less. An interesting mish-mash of rooms beautifully decorated with, Read More

A word about Indian driving.  Drivers in India are insane.  Properly insane.  I’m surprised there are any of them left.  Every day in India, 400 people die on the roads.  That’s about 3.6 deaths every minute.  And to be honest, I’m not bloody surprised.  

Our first day in Delhi was a bit overwhelming after the relative calmness of Nepal. Despite the posh new airport being a bit like Heathrow, our taxi driver was still quite aggressive and the street our hotel was on was still in the main market street which was a huge scrum of people, stalls,, Read More

Today, we hopped in the car for an eight hour journey with Joni our Indian driver, towards Jaisalmer.  However, we did not go to Jaisalmer, we went to the desert near Jaisalmer to go on a camel safari instead.  Once we got there we named one camel Jeff, and found out the other camel’s, Read More

  It has been thirteen years since we were in Delhi, and in that time, the city seems to have completely changed. It was the last point on our first India tour and it’s safe to say that by the time we arrived, we were thoroughly India’d out. We’ve started our India tour in, Read More

We were quite scared about Dehli. Loads of people had told us how horrible it was, and how we’d want to leave as soon as we got there. Well, we did want to leave. But that’s mostly because any time spent travelling in India is hard work, and we were a bit India’d out.

We thought the journey into Nepal was an epic one. How little we knew! The trip out of Nepal, back into India and onto Varanassi was meant to take around sixteen hours. It actually took ten minutes short of twenty four hours.

We have arrived in Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) on the first day of our year long round-the-world backpacking adventure!  It’s quite a culture shock and we are currently wondering what the hell possessed two inexperienced backpackers from the UK to choose Calcutta as their first destination.  What the hell were we thinking?? Indian, Read More