Thoughts from a Train – Starting our sailing adventure

Sailing adventures on the horizon

Someone famous once said that all great journeys start with a single step.  If that’s the case, then the delayed 06:50 to London would appear to be the step that sets us off on the path to starting our sailing adventure.  It’s a beautiful fresh and crisp spring morning, exactly the sort that I’m looking forward to savouring with a cup of coffee from the back, sorry, stern of our boat as the sun comes up over the horizon and wraps me in its warm glow.  

Of course, we’re currently a million miles away from being on a boat.  I’m on a train for a start.  I’m wearing a suit, not shorts.  And my travelling companions this morning are sat in statue like silence, no doubt dreaming (some of them are already literally dreaming – I’ve never known how people manage to fall instantly to sleep like that) of being somewhere else and doing something else.  

Well, we are going to be somewhere else and we’re certainly going to be doing something else.  This isn’t a long term life choice.  The delayed 06:50 is a baby step.  Several hundred more morning baby steps like this, should see us having earned enough to buy a boat, which seems like a much more tangible first step.  Several hundred morning baby steps after that, we might have got ourselves in a position where we can realistically think about casting off the suit and the statues and finding that perfect sunrise. 

Of course, there are many other bigger steps that need to be taken on this journey, but I’m excited to see where the next year takes us and finding out just how close to starting our sailing adventure we can get with these early morning baby steps. 

Love sunrises.  Love plans.  Learning to love the delayed 06:50 to London.

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