The Incredible Bagan Temples, Myanmar :: VIDEO

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar

The incredible temples of Bagan are just one of the many highlights of Myanmar in South East Asia.  We had planned on spending a couple of days here, but we were having such a good time that we ended up staying for a week.  The Bagan temples are a not-to-be-missed destination in Myanmar and well worth a visit.

Bagan is a 10th century temple complex which once consisted of over 10,000 individual temples and stupas.  Earthquakes have taken their toll over the centuries, and now only 2,200 remain.  Many of them were rebuilt in the 1990s by the Myanmar government, in an attempt to attract tourists.  Even though they simply rebuilt, rather than restoring the temples, they’ve created an amazing place.  Click here to read Sam and Evan’s brief but not necessarily accurate history of Myanmar for more info.

We arrived in Bagan in the dark at stupid o’clock on the overnight bus from Yangon.  It was 4am and we hadn’t had a lot of sleep but, hey, who needs sleep?  So we decided not to go to bed but hired a couple of electric motorbikes from the dodgy looking bloke outside our hotel and sped off in the cold morning air to see if we could find a sunrise.  Best morning ever!  Stunning sunrise over ancient temples with hot air balloons rising into the pink sky!  What could be better?

Our time in Bagan consisted of whizzing around on electric bikes on sandy tracks and exploring as many temples as we could.  Amazing views, friendly locals, and always an adventure trying to find the secret stairway to the top of each temple.  Awesome times.  Hot air ballooning over the temples at sunrise was REALLY expensive, but an unforgettable adventure that we’d definitely recommend.



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