Sleeper Train To Goa, India – The Smug Monday Series, Ep. 9

Three Awesome Days on an Indian Sleeper Train

By Sam (aged 10)

Today, I woke up curled into the top bunk of a A/C 3 sleeper train at 5 o’clock in the morning Indian time (or half past 11 English time), 2 stops away from Madgaon station in Goa, India.  This was our 36th hour on train 12780 from Agra to Agonda.  

You could sleep 64 people in this air conditioned, three tier carriage alone.  Evan’s bed folded down to be the back of a seat  Out of the eight beds in our cabin, three on two walls and two on one wall, only two made the backs of seats.  The good thing about Indian trains is that you can open the doors while it’s moving and even lean out at 50 kmh!  Sadly Hindenburg, our flatulent camel from Rajasthan, didn’t come on the train, so instead we brought my Mum to be the dispenser of gas =-}.  [Thanks, Sam! – Mum]

I thought Indian sleeper trains were awesome, loads of fun and a great way to travel.  Once we got in to the station the train rolled away to Vasco de Gama and we got in a taxi and drove off to beautiful Agonda and a lovely beach.

Our taxi driver from the train station to Agonda was as mad as a dingbat, drove like a whippet and would overtake on a blind corner instead of waiting for a straight bit.  Goa was very different to Rajasthan, much more tropical and wild.  There were also more coconut trees, western houses and churches.  Once we got there we had some breakfast at a place near our beach hut and checked in.

After we checked into our hut, we swam in the murky blue sea (which was much warmer than the Solent).  When we got out the salty water we went for a walk along the sandy, boat-stacked beach and saw dolphins leaping through the bright blue waves.  As we strolled back to our wooden beach hut we saw the best sun set ever! Once it got dark we had a dinner of lovely dal and rice then went to bed.


The Smug Monday Series is written by Sam and Evan.

6 Comments on “Sleeper Train To Goa, India – The Smug Monday Series, Ep. 9

  1. Where’s Harley? I see he has a scar on his right cheek, like all proper Action Men!!

    • Hi Alex! Harley is definitely a proper hardcore Action Man. Not sure where he was at this point. Maybe he gets travel sickness. ?

  2. “Toilet – Indian Style”.
    Now there’s a sign to strike terror in anyone’s heart. Or bottom.

    • So true. My bum quaked in my underpants when i saw it. Squatting on a train is very hard. =}

  3. Hi this is Robert, I’ve hijaked Gran’s computer anyway this looks very interesting being able to stick your head out whilst the train is moving. I was on a train today and I almost went flying head first into one of my teachers who happened to be on the train. It also looks very uncomfortable.

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