Kayaking on the River Kwai, and other random words – The Smug Monday Series Ep. 13

Today we went kayaking, drifting along in two man plastic kayaks secretly tying mine to Evan’s so that he pulled me along . It was awesome.  We kayaked from a temple far away to Kanchanaburi.To begin with, we paddled upstream but then we found out that the current was too fast so we floated downstream for an hour instead, generally mucking about by tying boats together, swapping paddles, and ramming into each other. After this we stumbled across Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai bridge. We then paddled around the bridge and took loads of photos and video.

Then me and Pug paddled around Pugtown and went to back to No.25 Hostel, pee’d on the carpet and ran the cat over, ate its brains and made the rest into penne al arabiata.  After that we went to the Jeath museum in the Pugmobile and poo’d in the caretaker’s hat. Once that mission was accomplished, we drove to the Thai War base and filled all their water bottles with pee and their Naval base’s oxygen cylinders with compressed fart.

Apologies!  This is what happens when you ask an eight year old and a ten year old to work together to write two paragraphs about their day on the river.  Much giggling from the top bunk.  The next Smug Monday post will be much more sensible, I’m sure…..


4 Comments on “Kayaking on the River Kwai, and other random words – The Smug Monday Series Ep. 13

  1. It’s early in the morning here and that second paragraph really confused me.. Great writing Sam, I want to know what happened after you filled the Navy’s cylinders up with farts?

  2. Nice. You checking we are reading it?!!! Good grammar and spelling though!!!!

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