Cool Boat Stuff I Really Want! – Christmas 2017

Cool boat stuff I really want

Every sailing boat needs cool boat stuff!   People planning to sail the world, sailboat cruisers and liveabord families definitely need cool gadgets and fun stuff on their boat.   There are things you need for your boat and there are things you WANT for your boat.  Most of the lists of cool boating gadgets are actually just things you need.  Like life jackets, EPIRBS, waterproofs jackets and other stuff that you should have anyway.  Or dull stuff like gloves, LED lights and battery monitors.  Yawn.  

So here’s our list of cool boat stuff that we really, really want on our boat before we head off on our world sailing adventure.  Most of the list seems to be made up of fun watersports or diving stuff.  In fact most of it involves being underwater!  We’ll definitely get some of this stuff eventually, and I’m hoping we get all of it on our boat by the time we leave to sail the world.   But right now it seems the fun stuff for our boat will have to wait for us…. we need a new mast!  

Cool boat stuff I really want….

Click on the photos to check prices and availability for these massively desirable and cool boat gadgets (in my humble opinion)  :o)

As I write this, a few of these gadgets have special offers available.  Some of the links are affiliate links, just so you know.  If you click through and buy something, it won’t cost you any extra but we get some dosh for the Mast Fund.  Ta!

Split Dome by Split Gadgets

These look bloody awesome.  That whole underwater/overwater shot is very cool.  I love photography and I love the water, so I’m aiming for this one.  It’s a dome port for a GoPro which makes taking those under over shots easy.  Check out the Split Gadgets Instagram page for some pretty amazing under/over shots using the Split Dome port for GoPro

Spilt dome by Split Gadgets for underwater photos

Stand Up Paddles boards

At the moment we have inflatable kayaks on the boat.  We’ve had them for a few years and they have been awesome, but they take up a lot of room in the garage on our boat.  It takes quite a bit of effort to pump them up and they are quite bulky for the deck of a boat.  I’d like to replace them with a couple of inflatable standup paddleboards.  SUPs are the ultimate cool boat accessory at the moment.  They fold up small and we should be able to strap them to the guard rails on the boat.

A couple more GoPros

OK, so we already have a GoPro4.  We took it backpacking around Asia for a year.  GoPros are fantastic for travel and diving.  Check out some of our travel videos on Youtube for examples.  The Sri Lanka christmas diving one is good, and I love the Rajasthan one.  You can’t have too many GoPros.

A Drone.  We need a drone.

This is the ultimate cool boat gadget!  We NEEEEED a drone.  A proper drone like a DJI Mavic Pro or a DJI Spark.   The new Karma from GoPro looks awesome too and it  comes with a GoPro Hero6 included so that’s an option.  A drone was on the list before the mast broke.  Sam has added a drone to his christmas list.  Love his optimism!

Subwing – Cool underwater flying!

Oooh, I love the look of these!  I saw them first on one of the S/V Delos videos (check out S/V Delos on Youtube).  This set of fins can be towed behind the dinghy and lets you glide through the water, coming up to breathe whenever you want by just tilting the Subwing upwards.  Who needs towable inflatables when you can dive below the water and release your inner dolphin!  There’s a range of funky colours and designs and a range of accessories too, like a GoPro mount.  See the range at

Freediving Fins

Evan has put freediving fins on his Christmas list.  He’s very excited about the prospect of freediving somewhere blue and warm.  He wants “those freediving fins that make you look like a dolphin”.  So a monofin then.  I think I’d prefer normal freediving fins but I’m not fussy.


Mini Dive Compressor

Can I have a dive compressor please?  With four divers on board we hope to eventually be able to fill our own cylinders without relying on local dive shops, of which there may be none where we plan to go!   Compressors can run on petrol or electricity and come in a variety of sizes.

Cool boat stuff

Suunto Dive Computer

Suunto make the best dive computers in the world.  Fact.  We’ve always had Suunto dive computers.  I bought my first one over twenty years ago.  Sam and Evan are now qualified PADI Junior Open Water divers and have their own Suunto dive watches.  Mine and Dez’s are quite old now and we’ll be replacing them with something like the sexy D4i, but not yet as there’s nothing wrong with the ones we have now.  Check out the range of Suunto Diving computers at  or your local dive shop.

Suunto dive computer


Spear Gun for underwater fishing 

To go with our freediving fins, we really really want a spear gun for some sustainable, underwater fishing.  Evan is very excited about the possibility of getting a spear gun.  I haven’t told him yet that he’s going nowhere near it.

If you click this link from the UK, you’ll notice that Amazon don’t actually sell lethal weapons here.  You can get a nice speargun bag though!

Fillet knife

Yes I want a proper fillet knife.  One that looks like something out of Aladdin. No, I have never filleted a fish.  Ever.  Or caught a fish for that matter.  I once caught a starfish when fishing off the rocks on holiday in Wales when I was about 8 though.

That’s my cool boat stuff list for now.  If you know of any other gear and gadgets that we will probably want, pop it in the comments below.  We’re always looking for more and even cooler cool boat stuff!

Read ‘10 Must have Boat Gadgets for Sailing and Travel 2017‘ for more ideas.


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  1. YES! This is an awesome list, and I second everything you’ve got on it! I saw the subwing on SV Delos, also, and immediately looked it up to add to my wish list. 🙂

    • Thanks Jillian! The subwing looks fantastic! And we’ll definitely be getting a Split Dome one day – even if I have to sell one of the kids… 🙂

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